What Does a Wedding Planner Do?   Our job entails several different aspects, but mainly we do everything in our power to make sure our clients are 100% happy with everything.  To sum up, we bring your dream wedding to reality!  Weddings Taylor-Made will help you with every detail of your wedding from scheduling meetings for you, to searching for the most unique suppliers, to cramming everything you want into your budget, to being there for you throughout your entire wedding day.  We are your managers, your assistants, your designers, your advisers, and most of all, your piece of mind.  Wedding planners guarantee that everything will be in place for your wedding day so that you and your groom can enjoy your special day without worrying about any of the details.

How Does a Wedding Planner Manage Everything?   Weddings Taylor-Made are pretty much your own personal assistants.  We have done things like pick-up wedding gowns from the dry cleaners, escorted uninvited guests out of wedding receptions, suggested songs for cake cuttings and bouquet tosses, helped the best man with his wedding speech, and the list goes on and on.  We manage all your paperwork including the wedding itinerary, venue layouts, all the supplier contracts, place cards, and even wedding programmes!  We help give you advice to create and stick to your budget by saving you money on suppliers, venues, and details of your wedding that you might be able to DIY or cut back on.  Best of all, we have electronic and hard copies of everything we’ve done for you.  We save all e-mail conversations between suppliers and you and take notes during every phone conversation, we have a separate file for every client (both electronically and old school) to ensure that all your information is confidential, accurate, and extremely well organised.

Can I Have the Venue’s Catering Manager Plan my Wedding?   When venues (particularly hotels and larger venues) have a catering and events manager that you’re talking to from the beginning and create a relationship with, you may feel compelled to rely on them rather than hire another person.  The reason this is not recommended, is that although they are wonderful at their job and know the facility inside and out like the back of their hand, their job is to have the venue’s best interest in mind.  When you hire a wedding planner, we have YOUR best interest in mind because you hired us and we work for you.  We have different contacts than the venue, to offer you a variety of things that can meet your needs rather than just meeting the supplier’s needs.  Your wedding planner still keeps in close contact with the catering and events manager, but works with them to sort things out.  Since we have different responsibilities than the venue employees, we work very well beside them to iron out every detail.

I Want my Wedding my Way, Will the Wedding Planner Take Over?   Although wedding planners keep tabs on the latest trends, love trying new things and ideas, and have the ability to creatively mould any event, we understand that it’s not our wedding.  Additionally, we’re happy that’s it’s YOUR wedding.  Weddings Taylor-Made can do as much or as little as you want.  Sometimes we are hired just to help with specific traditions or aspects of the wedding, while other times we do complete A to Z planning.  We can advise on costs, negotiate certain contracts, and find you the best deal for what you want, but we don’t push you to have anything you don’t want or take away things that are important to you.  We can advise you as far as you’d like, but will never push you into something you don’t want.

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