Mini Package    

  1. Initial Meeting/Consultation – The basic details

  2. Second Meeting/Consultation – The finer details

  3. Wedding Proposal – Culmination of ideas/requirements

  4. Four (4) scheduled meetings after your second consultation

  5. Research and source suitable suppliers in accordance with initial discussions to compliment the agreed style and theme of the wedding

  6. Forward all information to you, pertaining to suitable suppliers, by email

  7. Advise you how to make informed decisions regarding suppliers and email you a stock list of questions to ask to ensure they are suitable for you

  8. Regular advice on budget management, guidance on how to save money, tips on paying deposits and making payments

  9. Advice on managing announcement cards, invitations & RSVP’s

  10. Put together your personal agenda for all tasks and send by email

  11. Put together your personal checklists and send by email

  12. Wedding day timetable created and sent to you by email

  13. Agenda created for Wedding Day

  14. Agenda created for all suppliers

  15. Be available on phone and email throughout the whole planning process

  16. Honeymoon advice and research plus booking and confirmation

  17. Wedding Day emergency mobile phone contact, in case of any hiccups

Wedding Planning & Coordination

Mini Package

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